Connect to Grow

As an exclusive and invitation-only membership, we strive to increase the sales of every member by setting, and closing, our goal for annual sales through the groups’ qualified introductions.   

The IMF Is Different

The Industry Masters Forum is different. We ask more of our members, and as a result we offer so much more to them! We are not striving to be the largest networking group in Houston, but rather one that seeks very high-quality members, and rewards those members with an exemplary member experience.

Application Process

In order to attract the right kind of members, we have developed a two phase membership application process. The first involves your traditional sit down face-to-face interview with our membership committee, which is currently comprised of five members.


It is the second step in our application process however that distinguishes us from other groups.  That second phase takes place at our socials, that are open events to which guests are invited. This final stage in the membership application process is for the candidate to bring appropriate guests to one of our open events and impress us with the quality of the connections he / she can bring to our events. Once guests begin to arrive, our focus is upon making them feel welcome and making sure that the proper connections are being made between the quality guests who arrive at our events, and the appropriate members in our group who could benefit from associating with them.


I'm sure you've been to networking events where the members of the group all cliquishly group up during the event --leaving the guests to fend for themselves. Not so with the industry masters forum! Our members make it a point to interact with guests and intentionally avoid lengthy conversations with other members, thereby making us more attractive to potential guests and membership candidates.


Contact us to inquire about Industry Masters Forum membership. 

Member Dues

Note:  Members are nominated and selected by a member comittee.  Please inquire about our monthly membership dues.

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